• Question: Who pays you? The university or the government?.

    Asked by anon-323370 on 1 Apr 2022.
    • Photo: Graeme Barker

      Graeme Barker answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      The university pays my salary, and the funds from my research come for a few different sources – currently, a charity (the British Heart Foundation), the UK government (through the research councils) and the Scottish Government (through Scottish Enterprise, and organisation set up to help new businesses – I’m trying to set up a small pharmaceutical company to further expand some of our results in the field of drug development).

    • Photo: Luisa Islas

      Luisa Islas answered on 17 Mar 2022:

      I work for a private company, so I get paid by the clients!

    • Photo: Amit Vernekar

      Amit Vernekar answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      The institute receives funds from the government and then they pay the employee.

    • Photo: Ian McKinley

      Ian McKinley answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I am a consultant, so I get paid by my clients. They may be government organisations or private companies. I am based in Switzerland, but my clients come from all over the world – but mainly from Japan and the UK at present.

    • Photo: TJ Preston

      TJ Preston answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I am paid by companies to do science research.

    • Photo: Veselina Georgieva

      Veselina Georgieva answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      The private sector or the company

    • Photo: David Jackson

      David Jackson answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      The University

    • Photo: Mohanad Aldib

      Mohanad Aldib answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      My employer pays my sallary

    • Photo: Jasmine Almond

      Jasmine Almond answered on 18 Mar 2022: last edited 18 Mar 2022 12:47 pm

      Neither, I work for a company who pay my salary.

    • Photo: Hayley Russell

      Hayley Russell answered on 18 Mar 2022:

      I get paid by the government who fund my research through grants. But these are paid to the uni and then paid to me

    • Photo: Mahoulo Ahouansou

      Mahoulo Ahouansou answered on 19 Mar 2022:

      I work in the private sector so neither of those. But who know maybe in the near future.

    • Photo: Lesley Howell

      Lesley Howell answered on 20 Mar 2022:

      my university pays my salary

    • Photo: Richa Sharma

      Richa Sharma answered on 21 Mar 2022:

      I am jointly paid by The Royal Society in the UK and the Science and Engineering Research Board in India. These are fellowship funds for individual researchers.

    • Photo: Ioanna Maria Pateli

      Ioanna Maria Pateli answered on 21 Mar 2022:

      My funding comes from the Faraday Institution!